3D Printing vs. Bench Work

Lately, I've been getting orders for jewelry designed in 3D printing technique. Not only 3D, but gold and diamonds!

As a sworn handmade work fan and advocate, I had a bit of resistance in me at first. Even though I feel comfortable with the software, I have this side in me that still believes precious jewelry are not only made of gold and diamonds. So in other words, in our society it's like saying I believe in magic.

okay, that's a little over dramatic, but you see my point.

Slowly, my metal artisan ego went to sleep and 3D design ideas came to my mind more frequently. And so a surprising thing happened - well, it was surprising for me - I got an order for a diamond gold ring, and instead of making it by hand I independently decided to use a 3D computer technique. Why? I just saw the customers' style and what she likes- Precious materials and precision - the ultimate style for computer design.

In conclusion I can say, I always had an off-the-main-stream style and attitude, but part of being able to think out of the box is to also accept the box. As an underdog you need to remember, under-dogging can also become a type of mainstream. We are talking jewelry here, but it is true for life - Always look at life in an open honest way. Because everyday is different, and sticking to the ideas you had yesterday can sometimes mean you ignore your ideas of today.

So apparently this has become a goro life lesson type of post, but this is me... Nice to meet ya.



#gold #diamonds #3D #metalsmithing #life #underdog #mainstream

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