A Time For Jewelry

Adelaide Necklace

Time for jewelry as accessories is over. Now begins the time for your bling to be the main event in your outfit combo.

I for one, have had enough of the ever lasting trying-on-clothes routine. Getting dressed and undressed, peaking at the mirror -That is, my personal body-image-vulnerable places. When I do find the dress with that extra something, i tend to rule it off as non complementary to my shape. And so on, until I find my closet full of much of the same. And honestly- I get more excited picking out my daily jewels.

I see it as a practical matter. You cannot have space for every kind of outfit in your closet, and they can't all fit your body. Whereas a jewelry rack is compatible with every storage space - or even as home decor piece out in the open.

What a woman needs now, is a jewelry piece she can wear with a nice simple dress, and have that dazzling look of unique style and sparkle. You can wear it with different garments for different events, and create smashing outfit combos.

Now it's the time for jewelry you have-to-have, because its simple and it's beautiful.

For my personal handmade jewelry work, click the Shop button :)

Always be you,


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