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Lifetime Warranty & Jewelry Maintainance

Nefertiti Batkol jewelry are yours, with a 2-year warranty (at least...).


Follow these instructions for jewelry care and you can qualify for re-polish and more:

Jewelry can be pieces of your treasure if you keep them away from hard impacts and materials. Such as other metals or smashing under bigger heavier objects. Soft and precious metal can receive another surface's texture or scratches if pressured against it.


Avoid soaking in water and harsh cleaners if you are not qualified to polish the metal. In most metals, timely oxidation is natural and will occur after repeated wear. Whereas intentional black Oxide can reduce with time. (metals react differently for every skin and person).

To maintain an item's finish for a longer time, you can add a cleaning cloth to your cart.


Gemstones are natural and delicate materials, be aware and care for your precious stones. Do not sit or step on your jewels. Nor pull on your pendants, earrings, or bracelets.


If you treat your jewelry with care they will treat you the same way. And so will I!

When you buy one of my designs you are invited to get a free re-polish.

If in need of a repair of breakage or sizes, I give free or discounted repair - depending on the case (I can't repair broken stones and such). So feel confident when you purchase from me -

I will do my best to keep you happy.



                                                   Always be you,

                                                            Nefertiti Batkol.


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