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Crystal Salt

Robin Hood Project

The Robin Hood Project is a fancy name for a simple but very unconventional idea. 

As a jewelry designer, I pay considerable sums for online advertisement -  a common and necessary part of the business.  And these costs are later calculated in the prices of jewelry of course. That's a frustrating fact for me, as I wished once upon a time to make jewelry at an affordable price (but realized quality costs more and is very important to me). 

So, I came up with a way we can all win in this situation in our digital age. 

Every now and again, according to what's in stock, I will upload a post about a single piece of jewelry that's available with a considerable discount. If you're interested, all you need to do is DM me, and I will send you instructions on how to buy the piece, and what to do beforehand so that the shop's rating will significantly benefit from that. 

The idea is, that selling this in-stock piece, to a client who will follow certain instructions, will boost my shop's rating and be eventually more effective than a random ad online, which would have cost money.

And so I can invest that amount of money in you and not big enterprises like Facebook, Instagram, etc. And one person can get that design for a special price.

like the idea? You're welcome to message me here, and I will send the instructions!

The Latest Offer

Sterling Silver Angel Necklace

Silver Angel Pendant

Made with Sterling Silver, this Angel pendant and necklace is perfect to remember a loved one watching over you, to wish protection on someone you love, or to congratulate a new mother.

To purchase for the special price of 42$ (instead of 128$) - Please contact me.

Thanks for submitting!
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